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AR500 Steel Targets
(Made from the "superman" of steel)
...Stops the bullets from bouncin' back in yer face!
2 Sizes For Different Shootin' Scenarios...
SMALL 4-inch Gong Targets:
  •  These 4" targets are good for SMALLER caliber shootin' (think rimfire cartridges)
  •  Made from 1/4" AR500 Steel 
LARGE 8-inch Gong Targets:
  •  These are larger 8" diameter targets that are good for LARGER caliber shootin'
  •  Made from thicker 3/8" AR500 Steel so your bullets basically vaporize when you hit them
Pictured above: Our 4 inch gong targets (hung on our DIY Hang 'N Hook Kit - Sold Separately)
Save Yourself A Fortune... So You Can Buy More Guns
You could go down to the local "outdoor retailer" and spend $40.00 or more on a some AR500 targets... Or you can save your money, so you can buy more guns, and get our gongs for a screamin' deal!
Comes With a "Sure-Fire" 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!
And, to make it an even bigger no-brainer than it already is, our targets come with a sure fire 30-day money back guarantee. If you don’t love it, send her back for a full refund. 
Don't Disappoint Your Friends...
Friends don’t let friends shoot paper targets… or expensive ones… So, don’t disappoint your friends, Click the link and get your targets today!